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(Pictured: Handwritten letter from President Jimmy Carter re:"Peaceable Kingdom")

During his career, Joel Kauffmann authored six books on Christian faith-based themes. A couple of them featured his creative work on cartoon strips Pontius’ Puddle and Sisters and Brothers.

“I am convinced that after we have all joined him on the other side, his influence and impact will still be felt here through the writing that he did… and I’m sure in many other ways as well.”
–Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby and founder of the Museum of the Bible.]

“Maybe we took Joel’s multifaceted gifts too much for granted. Bare words alone do not fully describe him: graphic artist, photographer, screenwriter, film buff, author, cartoonist, museum mastermind, advocate for the less fortunate, humorist, creative genius. His deep faith, passion for
communicating, and joy for living remain hallmarks of his legacy.”

–John Bender]


The Weight (Herald Press, 1980).

For Jon, being Mennonite was a label he had tried to ignore, often defied, but was never able to shake. Now with his eighteenth birthday rapidly approaching, it hung heavily around his neck. His decision on whether to register for the draft as a soldier or as a conscientious objector involved accepting or rejecting the beliefs of his parents, his church, and a heritage of peace-making. It was a choice as basic as his belief in God

The Best of Sisters and Brothers (Sisters and Brothers Publications, 1981).
A compilation of humor from the pen of Joel Kauffmann, including cartoons originally published in Gospel Herald, short stories, and other cartoons.

Wolfhunter (Abingdon Press, 1986).


Twelve-year-old Josh Sanders tames a wild dog, grows to love it, and then must defend it against those who accuse it of killing their livestock.

The Peaceable Kingdom and Other Fallacies of Faith (Abingdon Press, 1996).

Since he first metamorphosed in 1982, Pontius – that irreverent but witty frog who speaks the truth from his pulpit pad – has made more appearances in our publications than did his amphibian ancestors during Pharaoh's plague. In this collection of the best of the Pontius' Puddle cartoons, Pontius shares his insights on such important issues as peacemaking, prejudice, prophecy, the church, God, sin, health, the weather, and much more.


The Nazareth Jesus Knew (Nazareth Village, 2005).

An intimate look at the home of the man who
changed the world, in beautiful photos and delightful text. It developed out of a decade-long project to create Nazareth Village, a first-century farm and village in the heart of Nazareth, Galilee.

Squirrel Wars: A Cautionary Tail (never published, ca. 2010).


A novel that asks, “Is peacemaking nuts?”

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